Pink Fire Pointer May 2010

Heathrow's third runway plans cancelled

Heathrow's proposed plans for a third runway have been cancelled by the new Conservative-Lib-Dem government. The plans were originally put in place by Gordon Brown and Labour, with a third runway allowing for 600,000 additional flights every year. This would have brought in billions of pounds from abroad to help the economy, however the new Government want to focus more on domestic public transport, with proposals for a new high speed railway to link London and Edinburgh, as well as better transport links to Heathrow itself.

Councils, residents and green campaigners are delighted at the news. The additional flights would have had significant implications in terms of noise pollution for local residents, while the environmental damage has led to many a protest. Proposed plans for new runways at Stansted and Gatwick have also been scrapped.

Heathrow is already one of the busiest airports in the world, helping link the UK with some of the best holiday destinations in the World. Approximately 67 million visitors use Heathrow airport yearly. There is obviously huge demand for Heathrow airport parking and plans for expanding these facilities had been included in the 3rd runway proposal.

London still has exceptional links to the rest of the world, and for travelling to your favourite holiday destinations in Europe, America etc, the number of major airports in and around London is second to none.

Best Holiday Destinations - World Cup 2010, South Africa

The World Cup is rapidly approaching, and there's still just enough time to get your flights sorted to South Africa so you can be in on the action. It's been 6 years since we were last involved in a major tournament and the expectation in South Africa is as high as ever. The atmosphere in the country is going to be absolutely electric so if you have the oppurtunity to visit the country while the tournament is on you should be in for a treat.

The tournament for England kicks off on the 12th June in Rustenberg, where we play USA in the opening game. Situated about 50 miles west of Pretoria and Johannesberg - you could potentially stay in either of these cities and get a bus or train to Rustenberg - either way we recommend booking your hotel as soon as you book flights to ensure you have somewhere to stay when you get there.

Our next game, on 18th June, is in Cape Town at the Green Point Stadium. Being an excellent holiday destination outright, with a great deal to see and do aside the game, Cape Town is going to be the most popular city with tourists flocking to the World Cup.

Cape Town, South Africa

Port Elizabeth hosts the final group game versus Slovenia on 23rd June. Hopefully we should be through to the last 16 by that point however knowing England we may have to win here to progress.

Assuming we top the group, our next two games will take place at Rustenberg, and then Johannesberg, which are fairly close together. Therefore one option is to spend a week in Rustenberg before moving to Johannesberg for the possible quarter final. Even if you can't get tickets for the games, watching the games in the numerous bars will be a great experience. And the breweries are ready for us - millions of extra pints have been brewed to ensure noone goes thirsty.

There are some worries about safety in some areas- however like all cities as long as you're careful and don't stray too far from the city centres you should be fine - a bit of common sense won't go amiss, to ensure your holiday passes without any drama.

Many areas of South Africa are already top holiday destinations - so coupled with the atmosphere of the World Cup, a trip here in June or July should be a once in a lifetime experience.