Pink Fire Pointer December 2010

Best European Holiday Destinations - Top Ten

Europe truly boasts some of the best holiday destinations in the world. Europe has one of the most diverse ranges of destinations of any continent, although I think Asia would possibly top the list, with its wide variety of different cultures. But as Asia is also twice as big as Europe, I think we put up a pretty good fight.

I've not visited all the delights Europe has to offer - I've still got much more to look forward to in that department over the coming years. However, I have been to some amazing countries in my life so far. Below, is a list of the ten best European holiday destinations - in no particular order I must add! Let us know if you think I've missed somewhere out.

  1. Croatia - I love everything about this country. A long trip down the Dalmatian Coast is a must, the scenery here is simply stunning. Add the Italian-influenced dirt-cheap food and Croatia is a winner.
  2. Spain - The classic summer holiday destination for us Brits. The weather is a massive draw for this country - give us the sun and we'll be happy.
  3. Norway - Visit Northern Norway in late Autumn/early Spring for quite simply the most incredible natural light show you will ever see - the Northern lights
  4. Berlin, Germany - I just love the atmosphere of this place. It's really clean, the people so friendly, with cutting edge music and creative flair everywhere you look. Throw in centuries of history and it's a brilliant city destination.
  5. Greece - Take your pick from the many islands Greece has to offer. Beautiful weather, happy happy people, ancient history and gorgeous scenery cement Greece's place in my list.
  6. Prague, Czech Republic - A great little city bursting at the seams with history. And of course a top holiday destination for a stag do as well.
  7. London, England - London has so much to see and do. The iconic sights, the West End musicals, the Queen...and, uh... the lovely weather.
  8. Italy - Great wine and delicious food equal a top holiday. What more do you need? Historical cities and gorgeous sun-kissed beaches? Then visit Italy.
  9. Austria - the perfect destination for a keen skier - the Alps are one of the best destinations for skiing in the World, let alone Europe.
  10. Turkey - Technically only half European, Turkey is as a diverse a holiday destination as any. Great weather, quality food, exciting activities and a diverse culture make Turkey a great destination.
So - those were my top ten European holiday destinations - I feel like I've had to leave many great countries out, but there we go. Let me know if you have any different views! A happy new year to you all.