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Buckingham Palace Beautiful Architects Design

Buckingham Palace is the name of a magnificent building belong to England monarchy. The building is now better known as the main palace building royal England, as well as being the residence of the king and queen of England and became the center of national events held from the kingdom. Buildings that had stood since 1705 it has become part of the history of England nation in the past. Function What are you planning for this vacation? Package all inclusive to visit Costa Rica just for $79 per day with tours We make your itinerary personalized to visit Costa Rica, you just relax and leave us work for you

Volcano Lava, Deep Within The Earth, Tours To Hawaiian Volcano

Volcano is a condition in a nature, which is incredible. This condition can only occur in an active mountain. The active word here is still work producing volcanic magma deep within the earth. A mountain only can be said as a volcano when it is once or several times erupted. during the volcanic eruptions incident where the mountain exploded, issued the heat larvae it currently is a pretty

Marmaris Turkey Fantastic Tourists Destination

Marmaris is one of the names are well-known tourist destinations in Turkey. This tourist spot based on a town on the edge of the beach. In the city also supported by the harbor and also some exciting attractions that combine fun with a wonderful atmosphere of this nature. Not only built as a tourist spot, this small town has its own unique and beautiful atmosphere. The amazing view from the

Teotihuacan, Mexico Famous For It's Avenue of the Dead And Bright Colorful Mural

Teotihuacan is a huge massive archeological site Basin of Mexico which is about 48 km north east of Mexico City. It contains Mesoamerican pyramids which were built in during the era pre-Columbian Americas. It contains the largest residential area within it. It is also popular for the Avenue of the Dead and many bright colorful murals that are still preserved. The name means a place where man met

Puerto Rico Natural Beauty And Wonderful Beaches, America

Puerto Rico is famous, as the city of the U.S. commonwealth that was beautiful, stunning beaches, crazy nightlife and is also an attractive sight. With the capital of San Juan. Using the Spanish language as the national language. Borders with the Dominican Republic in the east, and in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Puerto Rico is also one place that offers natural beauty and wonderful islands in

Potala Palace at Lhasa,Tibet In China

The Potala Palace is situated in Lhasa in the Tibet Region, China. It was named after the Mount Potalaka which is home of myths of Avalokitesvara and Chenresig. It is the chief residence of The popular personality Dalai Lama till 14th century. It  was constructed by Lozang Gyatso ( 5th Dalai Lama) when he realized that it could be an ideal place for the seat of government since it is located in

Karnak Temple Largest Temple Complex In Egypt

Karnak Temple consists of chapels that are almost decayed as well as temples, pylons and many other buildings. Since the reign of Sesostris I the building at the complex had begun which continued till the Ptolemaic period. The main place of worship is Theban Triad which has the god Amun In it and around this building lies Ipet-isut also known as the most selected of places. This area is known

Bagan Temple Famous Attraction For Tourists And Buddhists

Bagan is an old city which is situated in the Mandalay Region of Myanmar. It used to be the capital city till 13th century of the Kingdom of Pagan, the first kingdom to unite under one platform. In two centuries, 11th to 13th, major Buddhism constructions took place which included 2200 temples and pagodas, 10,000 Temples and monasteries. These all are present even today. The country’s main

Angkor Wat Temple The largest Hindu Complex

The largest Hindu Complex Angkor Wat, and the largest monument in the whole globe was constructed by the King Suryavarman II in Yasodharapura during 12th century. It served the purpose as his state temple and mausoleum. It was purely dedicated to god Vishnu and is the best-preserved temple at the site. It remained to be the religious center for both Hindus and Buddhists. Khmer architecture was

Acropolis Of Athens Is An Ancient Citadel In Greece

The Acropolis of Athens is an old citadel which is situated on a high outcrop over the Athens’ city. It holds great historic and architectural importance as it contains remains of many ancient buildings e.g. Parthenon.

Pericles by the time of 5th century BC started the construction of the most significant buildings including Erechtheion, temple of Athena Nike, Propylaia and Parthenon. It was

Washington D.C Capital Of The Most Powerful Country United States

Washington D.C. is as we know is the capital of the most powerful country in the worldthat is the United States. DC is an extension of the meaning of the district. Of course Washington D.C. itself is a center of the American city. There are several islands under its name as well as 176 foreign embassies reside in it. However as one of the Washington DC city center still offers several tourist

Kensington Palace In London A Historical Castles

Kensington Palace is the name of one of the magnificent kingdom that stands in Kensington Gardens in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London. This is one of the residences of the royal family that has been in use since the 17th century. empire building is certainly also an historic site has been home to many members of the royal as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry


Andaman, a group of 550 islands, is located in the Bay of Bengal. It is part of the Union Territory of India, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Many islets and rocks add the topography of the Andaman Islands. There are about 26 islands which are human inhabited. It is believed that the origin of the name Andaman is related to Hanuman, the monkey disciple of Lord Rama, the epic hero of the Ramayana. Some of the Islands such as North Andaman, Middle Andaman, South Andaman, Little Andaman and Baratang are vast expanse of lands. The lands of Andaman are very fertile and the islands are thriving with lusting greeneries. The sea coasts are eye catching with the spectacular sea waved and the dense coconut palms line up over the islets. Anadaman carries the legacy of many historically important events and locations. The name of Andaman even appears in 9th century Arab literatures. The place was used by many rulers in India as the camping location of military troops. The Cellular Jail in Port Blair is closely knit to the Indian Independence struggle. It was in this jail, thousands of freedom fighters were imprisoned as exile hostages. The topography of the Andaman Islands consists of hilly regions with dense green forests. Many rocky mountains and islets are also seen in the region. The peak point in Andaman is Diglipur, a majestic picnic spot from where one can see the surrounding sea shores and the majestic sea embracing the sand enriched shores. Four tribes inhabit in these centuries old Islands. Andaman rain forests are blessed with vast varieties of plant species. Sea surrounding the Andaman Islands is a natural habitat of many kinds of marine life. The tropical rain forests and water of Bay of Bengal are the home of a vast collection of plant, animal and marine life. The soft sandy beaches are real attraction for the tourists, who seek for seclusion in a serene, unpolluted and unexplored atmosphere. The Andaman is a perfect location for many adventurous activities like scuba diving, Snorkeling, Camping and Trekking. This is one of the rare tourist destinations in India in which one can enjoy the breathtaking views of praise worthy marine life.

Pink Lake in Western Australia

We have seen lakes of different lengths, different colors and of different taste. Such as sweet lakes, salty lakes, big lake, small lakes, muddy lakes, clear lakes, blue lakes, etc. these kinds of lakes are found in almost every country. More of us love lakes. We’ve seen so many kinds of lakes. But have u ever seen pink lake? A lake which has pink colored water?

At the western side of Australia

Neuschwanstein Castle In Germany, Travel Guide!!

Neuschwanstein is a Castle or more popularly known as the symbol of love. The tragic story of Ludwig II is still as new in the hearts of the people. It is situated at the south of Bavaria, Germany. It lies over the hills above the village of Hohenschwangau near Fussen. The location and the architecture makes this place also considered as the ‘photogenic area’. The project started in 1869 as an

Costa Del Sol Famous Tourist Spot In Spain

 Coast Del Sol or also known as ‘Coast of the Sun’ is situated at the south of Spain city, Andalusia. It consists of coastal towns and many communities along the coastline of Malaga Province. It is located between Costa Tropical and Costa de la Luz. It used to be a fishing settlement in past and now it has become a famous tourist spot.

Malaga City is included in it along with many other towns

Koh Tao Famous Island In Thailand


Koh Tao is an island of Turtles in Thailand. It is situated at the west on the Gulf of Thailand, covering an area of twenty one kilometeres2. The settlement is Ban Mae Hat. The island has a total population of more than 1,500. The major source of economy is Tourism. Scuba diving, being the most popular among visitors contributes majorly.

Not only the island contains species of turtles but

Top five Ski Resorts Winter Session

Planning to visit ski resorts where you can enjoy epic steeps, cold thrills, challenging sliding and snow sports. Here is the list of top five Ski Resorts in winters.

Appi Kogen Ski Resorts, Japan

Appi Kogen or popularly known as Appi has a ski area of nearly 280 hectares which is situated in Tokyo, Japan. It contains 21 ski trails which is an average 2 kms long. During peak season, few

Esplanade Theatre in Singapore

Esplanade is theatres in a building which is situated on seaside of Marina Bay to the east of Padang and at the mouth of river of Singapore. It was officially opened in 2002 as a center for performing arts. It has one Concert Hall which can capacitate 2,000 for the arts.

Today it occupies six hectares of land and is known as one of the most popular cultural landmark. It is a $600 million

Top Five Best Lodges For Summer Vacation

Travel is always a good choice to stay away from our daily routine life to get relaxation and refresh our mind. Summer holidays is always the most good time to plan a trip and visit some amazing place with full of natural beauty.
On world visits our aim is to provide you the most awesome places around the world where you can spend some quality time. Its not as hard to plan a trip and enjoy the