Pink Fire Pointer Best Easter Holiday Destinations - Ski Holidays in Austria

Best Easter Holiday Destinations - Ski Holidays in Austria

This year, I jumped aboard a flight bound for St Anton in Austria towards the end of April for a spot of late season ski action. Austria boasts some top class ski resorts perfect for April/May skiing making it one of the best holiday destinations if you’re after a short ski break in the (fast-approaching) spring. There are also plenty of package deals available for those looking to book a holiday a few months away in "low-season" so you need not break the bank.
The resort I was staying in, St Anton, is one of Austria’s most famous resorts, largely thanks to its beautiful scenery, and exciting slopes.  The town itself is nestled at the foot of Allberg Pass, within a long, narrow valley. Obviously the quality of the slopes is a top priority for a ski resort, and St Anton doesn’t disappoint. Perfect for intermediates and advanced skiers, the resort boasts a variety of slopes leading to a good varied holiday.
One slight drawback of the resort is its probably not the best place for beginners - most of the slopes are fairly tricky so I'd advise other destinations if you fancy some nice gentle slopes to get you into the sport. Skiing is obviously one of the more dangerous extreme sports and account for more holiday injuries than anything else - it pays to do some research into insurance and such like before you jet off to help cover any potentially expensive hospital bills. If you do have an injury that isn't your fault while you're away, for example an accident due to negligence on the part of your tour operator, then consider the options that holiday compensation claims may hold. You may think most accidents while on a ski holiday will take place on the slopes but many people also get injured away from the slopes, in the hotels for example. The same goes for other types of holiday - many people slip by the pool where the hotel may be accountable, for example. Its certainly worth seeing no-win no-fee expert advice on such matters anyway.

The apr├Ęs-ski is also excellent in St Anton. Probably one of the more lively ski resorts I've been to - there are many late night bars and clubs staying open til after about 2AM so theres plenty to help let your hair down after a tough day on the slopes. The fresh air of the mountains helps refresh yourself the following morning too.

St Anton Ski Resort, Austria

Overall, St Anton is a really good ski resort for some easter skiing. The resort does get busy in peak season however by April/May things do tend to quieten down slightly. I'd say the resort is one of the best holiday destinations for an easter ski session especially for the intermediate/advanced skier, check online for flights and packages today.