Pink Fire Pointer South East Asia - One of the best holiday destinations around

South East Asia - One of the best holiday destinations around

South East Asia over the years has blossomed as one of the most popular tourist destinations for holidaymakers of all types. Each year young backpackers, families and young couples come flocking to South East Asia in their thousands, many of which keep returning year after year.  But what is it that makes South East Asia so alluring and why do countries like Thailand make the best holiday destinations?

Typically the answer you will find is quite simple, it has it all. For couples you can find romantic getaways tucked away on some of Thailand’s most stunning islands, for backpackers money can go a long way enabling them to tour every corner of this amazing region taking them to some of the most interesting countries in the world, and for families you will find many activities from elephant trekking to scuba diving to keep everyone entertained.  On top of this you have some of the best tasting and most unusual cuisine served in restaurants and on most street corners for everyone to feast their eyes on.  On some menus you will find obscure dishes including deep fried insects, snakes blood and even dog in restaurants and street stalls throughout Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Phi Phi, Thailand

However these are probably some of the more typical reasons why South East Asia makes one of the best holiday destinations. Besides these reasons, one of the main reasons that keep travellers returning year after year to South East Asia is the people.  

a Vietnamese feast

It might look like unorganised chaos for many first time travellers but behind the hustle and bustle of large metropolitan cities such as Bangkok lies deep rooted tradition that is etched into everyone’s heart of people living there.  If you spend enough time getting to know the people and chatting with them you will learn more about their culture which will leave you with long lasting memories.

You’ll find most people will greet you with big smile and a warm welcome.  Their hospitable and inquisitive nature will make you feel very special leaving you relaxed and feeling at home even though you are thousands of miles away.  

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Overall it isn’t just because of good weather, the amazing beaches, great tasting food and affordability that keeps people returning to this region of the world, the real reason people keep returning time and time again is because of the people.  Without the people South East Asia wouldn’t have the same charm and if you plan on travelling to this region make sure you take time to get to know them and you will leave appreciating an entire new way of life.

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