Pink Fire Pointer Best Winter Holiday Destinations - Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Best Winter Holiday Destinations - Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

With summer slowly slipping away before our very eyes, it won't be long until the leaves are falling from the trees, the dark nights start drawing in and Slade are back on the radio once again. If you think you might have a few pennies left over from your annual Christmas shopping, then you should think about jetting off for a week or so in search of some winter sun.

One destination that isn't likely to disappoint is the Egyptian Red Sea Resort of Sharm el Sheikh. This holiday destination has soared in popularity over the last decade or so and is now a well-established holiday resort on the south coast of the Sinai Peninsula. In 1980, there was practically no sign of any tourist industry at all – it was just a small port town. However, in the 80’s large sums of money was invested in the area, resorts were constructed and large chains of restaurants and up-market hotels, such as the Marriott, Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton, were persuaded to start up in the area, helping to begin pull in tourists from abroad.

Today, roughly 100 resorts exist in the area, compared to just 3 in 1982. Of course, it wasn’t just the opening of hotels and restaurants that led to a boom. The area needed a wide portfolio of qualities to become a major player in the tourism industry. The hot, dry climate was one major factor – as well as the miles and miles of natural sandy white beaches. The dramatic terrain, with Mount Sinai part of the backdrop, was another draw that gave the area an attractive, romantic image rather than just being another town in the middle of the desert.
Being on the Red Sea, Sharm el Sheikh has a wide variety of water sports on offer, including water-skiing, paragliding and jet skiing. However, it is largely via the help of world-class scuba diving and snorkelling that holidays in Sharm el Sheikh have become one of the best holiday destinations in the world for water sports. Countless varieties of fish, including reef sharks and hammerheads, and beautifully diverse coral reefs make the undersea kingdom here extremely varied and enjoyable to swim in.

Hammerhead Sharks, Sharm el Sheikh


In terms of the weather in winter, temperatures average around 20°C in December-February time, so temperatures are much cooler than the summer months, however days still have long periods of sunshine making it a pleasant contrast from the grim British winter.

Sharm el Sheikh's many virtues ensure tourism in the area continues to thrive, attracting visitors from around the world. You can find return flights to Sharm el Sheikh for under £200 this winter which is great value. So if you are looking to get away this winter, choose Sharm el Sheikh - one of the best holiday destinations in winter.