Pink Fire Pointer Best Holiday Destinations – New York, USA (part 2)

Best Holiday Destinations – New York, USA (part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of our look at New York City. Day two took us up to Central Park – a huge 843 acre public park in the heart of Manhattan. It occupies roughly 60 blocks (streets) in length so to walk the entire length from top to bottom would take almost an hour. We explored the southern half of the park, which was a hive of activity. A range of sports were being played round the park, one of several lakes was scattered with rowing boats, while kids played on the rock formations which were originally imported from a tectonic field in Canada.

Central Park Boating Lake

Several pedestrianised roads run through the park which helps it gain its reputation as one of the roller blading capitals of the world. Joggers and walkers of all ages also occupy these lanes. There’s also a range of interesting architecture around the park including Cleopatra’s Needle, a castle, fountains and such like. The scale meant we didn’t even see the Zoo or the famous ice rink. One of the highlights was a DJ playing funky house in a clearing, with dancers of literally all ages form 4-90 dancing away to the beats. Something we certainly wouldn’t get here in England.

Autumn in Central Park

Times Square, a few blocks down from the park, was our next stop. A major intersection in the city, the square boasts enormous neon advertising boards on all sides, and its aesthetics combined with its situation in the midst of the theatre district, has helped make it the worlds most visited tourist attraction with 39 million visitors annually. It’s scale really helps it s**t on Piccadilly Circus, London’s only “comparable” neon advertising tourist attraction. There’s hundreds of theatre/comedy salesmen loitering while there’s a range of shops and sights that link around the square itself. Its also host to one of the most famous New Years Eve parties in the world, featuring the Ball Drop at midnight. One thing to note is many of the bars, clubs and restaurants nearby are of course tourist traps offering average food or drink at expensive prices. We avoided the area for our night out and instead headed back to East Village for some exceptional BBQ ribs and chicken (with the whole caboodle of classic sides, coleslaw, fries etc) washed down with some tasty US lager.

Times Square, New York

One thing to note when visiting New York, or most of the US for that matter, is that tipping is essentially compulsory. Due to low minimum wage, waitresses are relying on tips to make up the bulk of their income. 15% is standard anywhere where you are served, including when buying a beer in a pub. Failure to tip will result in 1)being called a cheapskate or more likely 2) being thrown out of the establishment and told never ever to return. Something to note when budgeting for your trip.

Part 3 coming soon on Best Holiday Destinations! Email us if you have any queries.