Pink Fire Pointer Best Summer Holiday Destinations in Europe

Best Summer Holiday Destinations in Europe

The last week or so has brought with it an extremely healthy dose of optimism. It’s been the first week of gorgeous sunny weather since last year, even for myself up in sunny Leeds. I even dusted off my old friend the aviators for a few happy spells spent outside of the office soaking up the suns rays. Which can only mean one thing - summer is here. Well, there’s cloud and rain forecast for the next week but we're at that point where BBQs are a very real possibility. And with summer, comes summer holidays. Many of us have planned and booked our holidays already but if you're stuck for ideas, fear not. Hopefully Best Holiday Destinations can help out.

Spain and Turkey look set to remain top of the list of most popular holiday destinations in Europe this year – choices that thoroughly deserve to be at the top. The Costa Del Sol, Costa Blanca, Istanbul and Bodrum are all excellent choices that are sure to offer up plenty more than just sandy beaches and roasting hot sun.  For more info on these countries, check out my past posts. I’ve mentioned in the past how Turkey took the top spot due to the availability of cheaper package holidays, and this theme looks set to continue as VAT rises, NI rises, petrol rises and salaries freeze. Cameron’s token gesture 1p off petrol certainly won’t see me upgrade my seat from economy to business. We're in dark times when a 30p a week saving on petrol is the highlight of the budget. If, like me, you’re after cheap holidays this summer, check out Airtours – a package holiday site with plenty of great deals that I’ve found extremely use friendly. Browse holidays in Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Tenerife, Ibiza, Greece and more to find the hotel, flights and destination that’s right for you.  

Ever-Popular Package Destination Benidorm, Spain

Also something to consider – last minute bookings can help save you money – although perhaps not in quite the same way they used to. But if you’re flexible on destination and departure airport then this could be for you, although could be risky if you have a family with specific wants or needs. Happy hunting – planning and booking your holidays can be an exciting and potentially stressful time so get thinking about it and keep checking back here for more info and advice on the best holiday destinations in Europe.