Pink Fire Pointer Best Holiday Destinations - Special Feature - Chinese Facekinis

Best Holiday Destinations - Special Feature - Chinese Facekinis

A new craze is taking hold in China.

Thousands of hipsters are investing in one of the most striking fashion accessories to ever grace the beach.

Chinese Facekinis

The Facekini is certainly a striking accessory for anyone wanting to impress the ladies.

The trend is being driven by Chinese women who are looking to avoid a golden tan - pale skin is a sign of prosperity in China. As an added benefit the facial sheaths also help protect from pesky insects and jellyfish - and for just £2-3 a pop you certainly get your moneys worth.

Just remember to take it off before you pop into the local convenience store.


I can see it catching on in America and Europe sometime soon.

Woman and Baby in Facekini

PS. If any readers of Best Holiday Destinations have any pictures of them wearing the Facekini, please send them in, you'll be bound to get a mention.